Disney Brings Alive The World Of Books For The Young Ones

Books are a favourite with the junior brigade. Be it reading, gathering knowledge or skill building, books come in handy for all. Some save it for their leisure time while for others flipping through the pages is no less than an addiction. They make one of the best gifts when it comes to children and are much appreciated by the tiny recipients. In fact, if you’re wondering what would be a suitable present for your kid on his birthday or are looking for an ideal gift for your niece, nephew, colleague’s son, friend’s daughter, neighbour’s grandson, et al, books are what you can go for and buying them online is one of the easiest way out.

Choose online from Disney’s range of story books, jungle books and other categories of books that recognize different types of reading and cater to the needs of various kinds of readers. The books provide an extended range of educational content that abide by specific guidelines and conform to high learning standards. Created by experts to help young minds learn key strategies and skills, they go a long way in gently ushering in the world of learning and knowledge. They also hone the kid’s ability to understand subjects in a way that is easy to grasp. You can take your pick from activity books, journals, story books, jungle books, workbooks, encyclopedias and board books to suit the purpose of gifting.

There are books with a number of interesting activities for improving the little ones’ numeric/ mathematical, verbal and reasoning skills. They serve as a powerful tool to help them learn essential skills like understanding place value, comparing numbers and solving number riddles, in a simple yet effective way. Then you have books from Disney that are equipped with engaging facts about animals, planets, flowers, monuments, places of interest, etc. Also, books that contain activities like identifying, matching and sequencing uppercase and lowercase letters, and other activities that would introduce little ones to the world of alphabets and greatly help in building his/her vocabulary are part of the Disney online collection as well. Exciting story books/ jungle books complemented with character-based stories of much loved Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Goofy, etc. are available, too. The jungle books make the young readers imagine and fill their mind with a sense of adventure and enthusiasm.

Lucid language, cheerful get up, colourful illustrations and activity pages make them an instant hit with growing juniors. The books also include add ons like stickers, learning games, mini books, bonus “paper puppets”, etc. to make the process of learning a fun filled one. Plus they’re backed by excellent offers to make the process of online shopping a real treat for the buyer.

So before going shopping make sure you take a look at the range of books that Disney has in store for you online. Getting the story books or buying the Disney activity books, journals, jungle books, workbooks, encyclopedias, board books and story books online would indeed be a great idea.

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